Bespoke Executive Search Firm On A Mission To Create Tech-Leadership Synergy.

Leaders In Tech Trust Us To Partner In Their Leadership Search.

Rightsizing tech leadership search for companies is walking on thin ice. The weight of an executive’s decision impacts the performance and reputation of both – themselves and the organization they join. It’s crucial to get the mathematics of hiring right for mutually fruitful and long-term relationships between the leader and the company.

Who We Are?

A “No Frills” Description Of Our Identity

We do leadership consulting and hiring to ease Tech Executive Search – we are a Bespoke CTO Search firm committed to building sustainable leadership teams across technology and product companies. We have set out on this journey with a proven and methodical approach, creating a story of synergy in every leadership search, ensuring a lasting relationship between a Tech head and the organization.

What We Do?

We Synergise Leadership Search

We assess the cultural DNA of our clients along with the foundation of their vision, the business goals, and strategic plus people-centric roadmap.

We dive into the aspirations, preferences, and career journey of a prospect candidate, leveraging a Purple Quarter exclusive Behavioral Metrics Model for a deeper understanding.

We identify the candidate whose aspirations and growth story align optimally with the goals and expectations of our clients – charting a synergy of their visions and forging a sustainable relationship.


We provide wide variety of services like:


Full Cycle Recruitment

Interview Scheduling


Offer Management


Onboarding Services

Post Joiner Touchpoint

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