Learn How B2B Companies Are Leveraging Demand Generation Tactics To Increase Reach In Global Markets.

A Marketing Data Management Case Study.

Gathering intelligence on UK-based government agencies for marketing.

Reaching new markets is tough, especially if you wish to target very specific organizations. You want to engage with people at the right positions with a customized message to have maximum impact. One of our clients, who offers Access and Identity Management Solutions, wanted to expand to the European market. CandorWorks helped with:

• Grasping the UK market.

• Identifying the government organizations based on client criteria.

• Researching the current IT and security infrastructure in those organizations.

• Finding out the right people in those organizations.

• Gathering additional intelligence for effective sales calls.

• Building a consistent lead pipeline for marketing and sales.

CandorWorks can help you reach new markets too with our customized demand generation services for B2B technology companies.